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Selamat datang di blog ini. Jika anda mencari CV saya, silahkan klik di sini. Jika anda membaca bagian ini, mungkin anda tertarik mencari tulisan saya. Mereka dapat ditemukan di blog. Jika anda dari sedikit orang terpilih yang tertarik membaca tentang matematika, silahkan lanjut membaca ke bawah.

I am a fouth-year graduate student at University of Missouri – Columbia. My research interest is in geometry of high-dimensional convex sets, analyzed using probabilistic methods. My advisor is Peter Pivovarov. Here is my CV and my LinkedIn page. If you’re interested in some of my writings, see Mathematical Notes. Some notes from seminar talks that I’ve given in the past (or am doing now) can be found in Talks and Seminars. I am a professional armchair commentator and some of my thoughts can be seen in the blog page (mostly in Indonesian). Let me know if you spot any mistakes.

For contact, direct your mail here.